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By Maya BanksFever by Maya Banks

As the second book in the Breathless Trilogy, Fever follows the story of Jace Crestwell. Accustomed to sharing all of his women with his best friend and business partner, Ash, Jace doesn’t expect to have a possessive reaction when he spots Bethany Willis waitressing at a party. Ash picks up on his interest and, ignoring Jace’s protests, moves in with his usual charm to offer Bethany a night she won’t forget – in bed, with both of them. Struggling to get by and living on the streets, Bethany is shocked by Ash’s proposal but the lure of Jace’s brooding gaze as well as a warm meal and bed make the offer hard to refuse. Will the streets seem that much colder and lonely after a night in bed with these two? And how is Jace supposed to explain to the man he’s shared everything with that he wants Bethany for himself?

Although well-written, as all of Maya Banks’ novels are, this story was a bit far-fetched. The plot –  a beautiful homeless woman and a dashing billionaire falling in love in a week? There are so many things that are unbelievable about that… The sex-scenes are as engrossing as ever, however there were significantly less of them compared to the first book in the series. And on top of all that there was quite a lot of unnecessary emotional hullabaloo and forced characters clogging up the plot. I’ve read better romances and I’ve read better erotica. The best this reader can give this novel is watered-down and tepid.

This reader was highly excited about this book and the prospect for many lurid threesomes! Alas, I was completely bereft. After the initial sex scene that was in fact a threesome, group play of any kind never crosses these pages. On top of it, the lone threesome is hard to find any fulfillment in as the two main characters, Jace and Bethany, don’t really want Ash to be involved! Thus, leading to a fairly awkward scene. The rest of the book focuses on power play with a faint hint of BDSM. This reader cannot be alone in her initial excitement and ultimate disappointment in this novel. An author of this caliber has yet to write on this subject matter! Why is erotica stuck in the BDSM world? Let’s explore all the other realms of sexuality too! All in all, I felt like this book was contrived and had very little gratification. Does this reader dare read the third book in the series?