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Crimson's Captivation by C.B. Carter

By C.B. Carter

Out later then she should be, Crimson comes face to face with one of the ‘Horrors’ she has heard whispered of amongst the ladies of the court. She barely has time to scream before she feels his teeth sinking into her neck. Awakening, Crimson finds herself naked, tied to a table, and being gently attended to by several handmaidens. At her questioning she is informed that she is being prepared for the ‘Auction’. Put on display, she is sold off to the highest bidder and into the sex trade. Darkly thrilled and desperate to escape, Crimson plays any angle she can to free herself. Clinging to the hope that her love,  Viktor, is going to find her. In the meantime, a slave to the desires of her master’s, Crimson begins to awaken the dark depths of her own desire and passions previously not experienced.

This novel started out with a lot of promise.  The originality of the plot was refreshing but that’s where any compliments to the writing must stop. Awkward, repetitive phrasing and confusing metaphors left this reader bewildered as to the author’s intentions when writing this novel… “My palace reeks of the sulfur of your desire…” Really? This reader sure hopes that is not the case. The plot jumps between Crimson the sex slave, and her lover and the King who are trying to rescue her. In the latter half of the book more time is spent on the men’s attempts to rescue her than on Crimson herself. In so many ways this book ended before it even started! If the plot jumping around and questionable metaphors weren’t enough, there are also character inconsistencies and plot strings left untied. Why spend the time developing sexual tension between two characters if it’s not going to lead anywhere? Bottom line – this is book is the road to nowhere and a poor attempt at paranormal war erotica. Keep it simple. Readers of erotica are looking for just that.

This reader is still trying to muddle through why this book was recommended to her… Yes, there were erotic moments, namely at the beginning, and those moments were even vaguely reminiscent of Anne Rice’s Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. However, after the first third of the book there is hardly anything erotic about the novel at all. The brief erotic scenes fall into the realm of exhibitionism and power exchange. Crimson discovers the dark thrill that having her will stripped away and being forced to have sex for an audience can bring. Twice. That’s it. Take my advice – read something else.