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The Wallbanger by Alice ClaytonBy Alice Clayton

Moving to her new apartment, Caroline couldn’t be more thrilled; everything about the place is perfect. Exhausted from moving all day she climbs into bed that night enjoying the settling peace of her new apartment. Until…. “‘OH, GOD.’ Thump.”   Yet to meet her new neighbor, Caroline soon becomes quite intimate with the night time activities going on next door- activities that bring paintings on her walls crashing down. After a multitude of sleepless nights, Caroline finally hits the end of her rope. A midnight confrontation with the wall-sharing womanizer leads to all out warfare. When the sexual tension mounts between them, Caroline refuses to be another girl in his harem and instead a tentative truce and friendship is formed. Which begs the age old questions, can men and women ever be just friends?

This reader is fairly embarrassed at how engrossed in this novel she was. Once the two main characters meet, the novel is laden with sexual tension and witty banter. This reader has to admit that she may have giggled… But that is about all this book has going for it. The author has a good quirky tone and heroine character, but she occasionally overdoes it turning charming into ditsy. There is no way around it, this book is predictable. The lively dialogue is the only “good” part of this book. If this was the author’s first attempt at a novel, then I applaud her; there are some entertaining parts to this book. But edit more next time, be more creative, and definitely include more sex. Having said all that, there were times that this reader could not put this book down and could not wait to pick it up again. I know. I am as confused as you are.

This book is not erotic. This reader isn’t even sure how it could be classified as such. The most erotic thing about this book is the cover and the title. The author did a good job with the sexual tension but when it came down to the actual wallbanging the book suddenly became overly dramatic and emotional! It completely ruined the story for this reader. The author built up the tension so much that it flatlined before the actual act ever occurred. There are also much better romances out there. So why should you read this book? You’re bored, curious, and have nothing better to do.