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51HC627N5PLBy Lacey Alexander

Liz Marsh saunters brazenly into Jack Wade’s P.I. office determined to discover whether her fiance is cheating on her. Jack’s investigation takes him to New Orlean’s French Quarter where Liz’s fiance is frequenting Club Venus, an elite gentlemen’s club. Unconvinced by the photos of him enjoying the favors available to him, Liz insists on seeing his transgressions with her own eyes. Together she and Jack venture to Club Venus, where from their dark corner table they have the perfect vantage of the cheating cad and the exotic dancers. Thoroughly convinced that her relationship is over, and surprised by how liberated she feels, Jack’s cajun charm and smokin’ looks bring out a new-found sexuality in Liz. Surrounded by the sensuality of the club, she is eager to start exploring what life, and Jack, has to offer.

This novel is the perfect guilty pleasure read. Consistently written, the novel is entirely focused on sex – very little unnecessary filler drama. Heated fantasies build sexual tension between the character’s before any real contact and holds the readers interest as well. As a newly liberated woman, Liz takes charge of the budding relationship between her and Jack. Everything is on her terms, Jack is only along for the ride. There is not much focus on character development, instead the author chooses to focus on the varied sexual scenes. However, the premise of sexual liberation in this novel is every woman’s fantasy. Liz is completely free yet has the support of a sexy partner. Every desire and every fantasy is expressed and explored, without condemnation or judgement.

The thing this reader enjoyed the most about this novel was that it was about a liberated woman exploring her sexuality – no emotional issues, no baggage. A lot of this novel centers around a strip club in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The voyeur setting sexually charges the novel and keeps things continually spicy outside of the sex the characters are having. The other thing this reader would praise the author on is the ‘dirty talk’. Somehow the author manages to weave porn-like dirty talk throughout the novel without the cheesy oohs and aahs. The effect is a sensual yet raunchy erotic novel. This book focuses on voyeurism as well as exhibitionism with elements of group sex. While not a work of literary greatness, this reader recommends this novel for a fun bathtime read.