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By Evangeline Anderson

Book Six of the Brides of the Kindred series focuses on Merrick – a scarred half Beast, half Blood Kindred warrior, and Elise – a woman with a battered past. To sever the accidental and unstable bond between them, they travel to Merrick’s home world, the planet Rageron, and go deep into the dangerous ‘Blue’ jungle. Inhabited by fierce natives that viciously guard the only cure for the unhealthy and improperly formed bond, Merrick and Elise must endure each other’s pain to win the cure. Along the way they start to realize their feelings for each other, but continually hide under terse and confrontational interactions – each thinking that they are too scarred and broken for the other to possibly love. Who will break first? Them? Or the bond?

This reader found this final installment of the Brides of the Kindred series to be formulaic, full of angst, and a pitiful romance novel at best. The writing was so similar to each of the preceding novels that sometimes this reader was tempted to go reread them to check for copied sentences and even paragraphs. The characters are the worst yet; each having such low self-esteem that you don’t even pity their plights because they continually make their own situation worse by self-indulgent wallowing and denial. Overall, this reader was disappointed in the author for the lack of fresh ideas and a writing style that was just a sad continuation of what had previously been a stellar paranormal erotic romance series.

This book had potential to follow in the steps of the previously intriguing, and quite entertaining, earlier novels. When involving impossibly brawny and attractive alien sex-gods, this reader is perplexed as to how it could have failed. Somehow it fell short into the realm of a boring read with little to no eroticism, ending in a anticlimactic scene of bland ‘sexual healing’. Unless you are someone that enjoys porn for the plot, this reader would not recommend this novel.