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Edited by Mary Anne Mohanraj

‘Aqua Erotica’ is a compilation of short erotic stories with a common theme of water. Perfect for a steamy bath, it’s no coincidence that this book is typically sold in a high-quality waterproof cover. Written by eighteen different authors, the stories in ‘Aqua Erotica’ drip with human emotion, need, and artistic sensuality. Each character encounters new desires on the path to self-discovery, often ending in the unexpected.

‘Movements’ and ‘In Deep’ were two stories this reader found particularly appealing.

‘Movements’ details the exploits of a married couple “testing the boundaries of fidelity” while trying to rekindle the allure of their relationship. Touching on aspects of a swinger lifestyle, as well as voyeurism/exhibitionism, the novella is narrated from the perspective of the reluctant husband playing the voyeur to both his wife’s wantonness and his own emotions to his marriage. The psychology in this story was very fascinating and the mounting sexuality was titillating.

‘In Deep’ is a story about self-discovery and the unveiling of new personal boundaries. Detailing a first gay encounter, this story follows a man testing the limits of his sexuality and psyche; leaving him with new meaning filled with more questions than answers. The gritty masculine power play of this story intrigued this reader with its rawness.

This book is high-quality and the epitome of what we hope to find for our readers. Due to the waterproof construction of the book as well as the sophisticated writing quality, this book is classy and feminine. As the first erotic novel read by this reader, it’s the perfect introduction to the art of erotica.