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Book Three in the Fifty Shades Trilogy

By E.L. James

Fifty Shades Freed picks up while Ana and Christian are on their honeymoon. Escaping on an idyllic honeymoon they still have to work through the little issues and kinks in their relationship. Returning to the real world, those issues are magnified. Here, Ana must come to terms with what it means to be Christian Grey’s wife, ‘fifty shades’ and all. Figures from both their pasts haunt them and put their relationship to the test. Did they rush into things? Or will the strength of their bond last?


The character of Ana appeals to every woman’s inner goddess. Every woman wants to have the freedom to be brazen and embrace her own inner goddess with the full support, admiration, and encouragement of her partner.  Again the author uses her characters to drive her novel. The character of Ana is completely transformed between books one and three. She becomes more confident, savvy, and secure within herself. These qualities reflect in her sex life as she becomes much more adventurous and begins to ask Christian if they can visit ‘the playroom’. The way the author wove flashbacks into the narrative keeps the plot moving forward and ensures that the reader gets to enjoy all the juicy bits!

For this reader, Fifty Shades Freed redeemed the series. The author included a lot of sex in this novel. The sex was creative and varied – some vanilla, some kinky, and some that hugged the line between the two! The language was also varied (thank god!). The sex life portrayed seemed realistic of an experimental couple that is not fully entrenched in the BDSM world, but likes to spice up their sex life with BDSM flavors. In particular, I enjoyed the extensive use of sex toys in this book.
This reader enjoyed the frequent sex and the creative sexual situations in this