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Book Two in Brides of the Kindred

By Evangeline Anderson

Book two in The Brides of the Kindred series, Hunted, follows the story of Sophia, the twin sister of Liv from the first book. Sophia is the more timid of the twins and has never faced her fears. With an abusive past that makes her scared of dominant men, as well as a fear of blood and needles from being hospitalized during much of her childhood, the last person she would ever see herself with is the huge, blood sucking, fang bearing, Kindred Warrior her sister works with. Sylvan is a Blood-Kindred warrior from Tranq Prime, a planet known for being colder than the ice blue of his eyes. After being deeply rejected by a woman he believed to be his Bride, he has closed off his heart content to remain single for the rest of his days. The two are unexpectedly thrown into a life or death situation when their ship crash lands in the mountainous wilderness of Earth. Hunted by the Scourge, Sylvan is determined to protect Sophia at whatever cost. With the evil Scourge hunting dogs hot on their trail, Sylvan knows the only way for him to save her is to mask her scent. And there is only one way a Kindred Warrior knows how to Scent Mark a female…

Anderson remains consistent in her engaging plots. While the characters in this book were also well-developed, this reader also found them to be a bit “angsty”. Both Sylvan and Sophia are running from the hurts of their past; while understanding the trials and difficulties they faced, this reader found herself a bit impatient with the characters. They waffle back and forth a lot torn between the scars of their pasts and their growing feelings for each other. While this lends a bit to developing the sexual tension between the characters, it is a bit too emotional and angsty for this reader to be anything other than annoyed with the characters in specific instances.

The eroticism in book two was adequately steamy for this reader. Even though actual sex did not happen until later in the book (like most of the Kindred series) the tension built between the two main characters was kept at a high frisson tempered by their own fear of their feelings for each other and the need to engage in sexual acts to save their lives. The hesitancy the two characters have to explore the passion they have for each other only enhances the sexual tension as each time Sylvan must “scent mark” Sophia he has to take it one step further in hopes to truly mask her scent. Their passion becomes not only necessary, but all consuming for both of them. Overall, this reader found Hunted to be closer to the erotica rather than the romance side of Anderson’s writing spectrum.