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Book Five in Brides of the Kindred

By Evangeline Anderson

Nadiah, a native of Tranq Prime, travels to the Kindred Mothership to participate in the Kindred bonding ceremony of Sylvan and Sophie from book two. At least that is what her parents think. Her secret agenda is to find a Kindred Warrior strong enough to challenge ‘the Blood Bond’ between herself and Y’dex, her sniveling fiancé on Tranq Prime. Plagued with the Sight, Nadiah knows that she will perform ‘the Luck Kiss’ at the ceremony, a Kindred tradition where two unmated individuals kiss to bring luck to the newly bonded couple. Expecting it to be a Kindred she is kissing, Nadiah throws herself into the kiss in hopes that this Warrior will be the one. What she doesn’t expect is it to be a human she is kissing. Rast is a detective from Earth that specializes in finding missing women. In a case of mistaken identities, Rast shows up highly confused at the Bonding Ceremony. When Nadiah grabs him and begins passionately kissing him, his confusion is quickly replaced with passion. Now the two must face their growing like and dislike for each other if they are going to successfully break Nadiah free of her dreaded fiancé.

This is a filler book. The plot surrounding Rast and Nadiah is fairly flat and predictable and to fill it out into a complete book the author does a lot of foreshadowing for her next book. This reader is upset that she even wants to read the next book! After the destruction of the Scourge in Book 4, Anderson needed a new antagonist. This book prepares and introduces the new evil race, ‘The Hoard’. I can’t say for sure yet but I’m noticing a trend… This book was also littered with typos! If it wasn’t for all the foreshadowing, I would recommend not reading this book and just skipping to the next one. This book only deserves a quick skim.

If the plot was flat, then the eroticism in this book was nonexistent. The author relied on crass words like “cock” and “pussy” to make her writing categorizable as erotica. She failed to create an erotic scene that captured the reader’s attention. It is this reader’s opinion that for a scene to be erotic the author needs to appeal to a reader’s senses. Strip it all away until you are speaking directly to the primal instincts that are in all of us. Ever since reading Book one of The Brides of Kindred series, this reader has felt like Anderson was getting further and further away from that. The only reason I would call this book erotic is because of one short BDSM scene between Xairn and Lauren (the main characters from Book four). It is not a good sign when the main characters in the book only have sex once and it is boring! If I wanted flowery language and minimal, surface level sex scenes I would read a Romance novel.