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Book Four in Brides of the Kindred

By Evangeline Anderson

Book four in The Brides of the Kindred series, Found, picks up right where book three left off. The heir to the Scourge legacy, Xairn, rebels against his biological father, the evil AllFather of the Scourge, and secrets away the woman prophesied to regenerate his almost extinct, destructive race. While fighting for their lives, they also must fight their growing feelings for one another. Due to his feelings for Lauren, Xairn knows they can never be together; he would rather die than cause her the pain that his Scourge impulses to Dominate dictate as part of his sexual makeup. However, he is determined to keep her safe and will go to whatever lengths necessary to see that the AllFather never lays a hand on her again…

As all of the Brides of Kindred books, Found is a well-written erotic novel. The character Xairn is first introduced in book one of the series. With consistent appearances in all of the books, Xairn is a character that you truly come to care about. He is the quintessential misunderstood, emotionally neglected bad boy that pulls on every girls heart-strings. In this book, more than all the others, you feel very emotionally tied to the characters. It is this reader’s opinion that as the author writes more novels her writing style improves as she weaves emotionally riveting romance stories, but she begins to compromise on the erotic elements.

The only problem with this book was that you have to read half of it before the main characters finally have sex. The author circumvents this with a few scenes with the characters from the previous novels but this reader was particularly looking forward to an erotic scene between Xairn and Lauren. If it weren’t for the BDSM undertones of Xairn’s “Scourge impulses” I would have classified this book as romance not as erotica. She gives it a nice twist in the middle where Xairn stymies his impulses by acting as the Submissive to Lauren. Also, it is worth mentioning that the Scourge physiology has a nice surprise twist that is not worth spoiling! I would have to say this is my favorite Brides of the Kindred novel even though the erotic nature of the first book has yet to be surpassed.