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Book Three of the Brides of the Kindred

By Evangeline Anderson

Evangeline Anderson’s 3rd book in her ‘Brides of Kindred’ series fell a little short for this reader. As an avid fan of the series, I was looking forward to this book in particular. The book centers around the Twin Kindred Locks Tight and Stabs Deep. As the ‘light twin’ Lock is a fair-haired, amiable man that the heroine Kat O’Connor likes immediately. While Deep, the ‘dark twin’ is as dark in his appearance as he is in personality. After psychically joining with Deep and Lock in Book 2 of the Kindred Series, Kat finds herself unexpectedly tied to the Twins in such a way that her soul becomes fractured and she must travel with the Twins to their home planet to receive medical treatment. Under directions from their healer, Lock informs Kat that “We have to use pleasure to bind your spirit back to your body.” Kat resists Lock and Deep as much as she can but in the end the Twins win over her body as well as her heart.

Anderson began developing the characters back in Book 2 of the series. The sexual tension between the characters is ripe. The plot itself completely revolves around the healing of Kat through the sexual ministrations of Lock and Deep. The author spends most of the book divided between the perspectives of Kat and Deep; resulting in Lock being a fairly flat character. It gives the impression that amiable, likable people don’t have any depth.

For a book whose plot is centered around the sexual healing (please forgive the pun!) with two men, the eroticism in this book ranked fairly low. The heroine Kat was so self-conscious the whole time that there was actually very little sex until the end of the book.This reader had hoped for a little more creativity on the author’s side exploring the facets that a menage-a-trios has to offer! There was a bit of voyeurism in the book that spiced it up and the contrast between the light and dark twins provided an excellent balance in the bedroom. Deep provides the needed air of danger, dominance and raw sexuality while Lock provides the soothing touch, the comfort and the sensuality that every girl needs. The dirty talk and voyeurism were nice touches in this book but overall I would have wished for some more explicit and imaginary sex scenes with the plot perfectly set for it.