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By JT Harding

Georgia’s English Rose is a well-written, lesbian erotica about exploring the joys of female companionship and sensuality. It is an embellished account of the authors own experience, which really comes across through in the first person writing style, and explores in a very personal way, her first and lasting lesbian romance. As our first lesbian romance, we were pulled into the tenderness that develops through out the story between Georgia and her ‘english rose’ Lillian

Set against the hard, masculine backdrop of WWII, a time when homosexuality was still very taboo, the two girls find escape from their surroundings in the WAAF. During a weekend visit to Lillian’s family home in the English countryside, the characters finally let down the guard that their society and role in the air force has required of them and give in to the sweet and blooming feelings they have for eachother.

The erotica of this book is defined by the sensuality and forbidden nature of a budding, lesbian relationship. The book itself is so well-written that regardless of sexual preference the eroticism is still alluring. In keeping with the tender nature of the characters relationship, the eroticism is aptly emotionally driven and mild.

While overall this reader enjoyed the novel, the crescendo of the erotica was very difficult to reconcile with the rest of the book. This reader tried very hard to pretend the third participant in a final, voyeuristic menage was not in fact related to one of the characters, but did not entirely succeed. The scene itself was more explicit than all previous encounters and it is this readers opinion that it didn’t hold true to the already established tone.