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Book One of the Brides of the Kindred Series

By Evangeline Anderson

The debut novel of her compelling paranormal series, Claimed follows the two main characters Olivia and Baird. Olivia is a normal, earthborn, post-nursing school graduate whose life gets turned upside down when agents from the HKR- Human/Kindred Relations Headquarters- appear on her doorstep to draft her into becoming a bride of a Kindred warrior. Baird is one of the Beast Kindred or “Ragers”, known for their immense and imposing size, and the “Rage” that comes upon them during battle making them all the more fearsome. Baird has chosen Olivia as his Bride and so she must go through a “claiming period” aboard the Mothership as per her legal duty as a female citizen between age 19 and 35 of post-alien attacked Earth. If she is able to resist consummating the relationship through “bonding sex” for a month of enforced, increasingly arousing seduction, she is free to return to earth and her normal life. However, if she gives in to his persistent efforts to claim her, she becomes his Bride.

As the first book in her series, everything about the book is riveting. The story line is fresh and the characters are new and intriguing. The attention to detail that the author puts into every aspect of the novel draws you in to the world she has created in such a way that you want to read every single one of her novels.

The structure of this book really appeals to a female mindset. This reader found the 4-week claiming period leading up to the climax of bonding sex appealing because of the structured anticipation. As soon you become comfortable in what is allotted in the first week, the stakes are raised in the next and you find yourself constantly in a state of thrill by the steady build-up of allowed and required intimacy. The required aspect to the sexual encounters along with the fact that Olivia is resisting provides a thrilling element culminating when she finally gives in and the two finally have bonding sex. This reader also enjoyed the paranormal elements to the story; the sci-fi setting is intriguing and the physical liberties the author is able to take due to it’s alien characters add a little spice to this already spicy erotic novel.